ispo 2022

The Lynx brand was represented for the first time at Ispo 2022. We were able to establish great new contacts and would like to thank our new customers and interested parties. The topic of sustainability and biodegradability seems to set a completely new trend. Many customers were particularly impressed by the fact that we are already in series production of biodegradable polyesters.

Our passion at this point is the constant innovation of our products. Besides the zipper, we can also biodegrade all other by-products on the apparel and our goal is to create a fully 100% biodegradable product by 2030, and by that we don't mean a t-shirt or other simple item.

It was a great pleasure for us to take part in such a great and international trade fair and we will face the new challenges again in the coming year. We will not participate in the ISPO AWARD in 2023 either, because we do not consider the approach of paying for the service in advance to be an award. We will show you our lynx jacket biodegradable program!